Aug 19, 2020

Here are the details of the Waikato Lacrosse Association’s plan to continue with our Secondary School Lacrosse League whilst adhering to the Ministry of Health Public health practices and guidelines under Alert Level 2.


  1. NO SPECTATORS by request of WSSSA Executive present at Secondary School Sport fixtures under Alert level 2.
  2. All attending must use the NZ COVID Tracer App at the venue. You can manually enter a location if a school does not have a QR code for their venue. Most schools do, so managers please check with the TIC as to how they want to manage this.
  3. All School teams to complete a Team Register of authorised attendees. This is to be completed by the manager and handed in with the score card at the end of the game.
  4. At all times, people in any open-space venues must follow Public Health guidelines on social distancing.


There will be further changes related to venue/officiating the game.

Tamahere fields where we play is listed as one venue with restrictions on gathering sizes, so we can no longer run games as usual. So the following changes are to be implemented:

  • Last week’s round of games will be moved to semi-finals week (12th September), and we will be cancelling semi-finals, using a point-based system to determine who progresses into final play offs.
  • This week’s round of games will be HOME v AWAY, with games being hosted at a team’s high school field. It is the team’s responsibility to arrange a time/venue with their opposition, this can be regular game time on Saturday or another time/date if need be.
  • This game can also be arranged to be a double header on another Saturday. This game needs to be made up before September 13th.
  • If you wish to play this weekend, there is limited time and space available for matches at Tamahere where neither school has access to a field at either campus.
  • Teams must provide one umpire for their team who is not involved with any other games this day. This can be a coach/manager/parent.
  • If multiple matches are occurring at a venue, there can only be a maximum of 100 people per gathering. If there are more than 100 people (3+ games), there must be sufficient time allocated to allow their entire previous match’s participants to leave the venue first before the second matches participants are allowed to enter the venue. This is to ensure there is no crossover of the 100 people in the gathering.
  • Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes at the end of one game and the commencement of warm-up of the next game to allow for this.
  • Please get in touch with the League Coordinator before you play your game, and before August 29th with your official plans to make up this game. Please include when/where you are playing, who your supplied official is.
  • After the match you need to send the League Coordinator the results and Team Register from the match. Please reach out if you need assistance organising venues or officials, we will do our best to help.


  • The Devils venue is not booked this Sunday due to other sporting bookings (as is the original draw).
  • The previous week’s games will be made up over the next two weekends.
  • A new draw will follow shortly to account for these games.
  • As we will find out about any potential changes to alert levels before games commence, more details will follow based off the alert levels next week.


In line with Ministry of Health recommendations, please remember:

  1. Wash hands regularly. Sanitise when entering and leaving the facility. Cough / sneeze into your elbow.
  2. Sanitisation is important – clean gear before and after use.
  3. Maintain physical distancing of 1m when not playing sport.
  4. Please stay home if you are sick or unwell.

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