Jul 23, 2020

Cambridge High School Celebrates 10 Years of Lacrosse

Cambridge High School hit the headlines this week by celebrating a significant milestone – 10 years of lacrosse – with their first ever Alumni lacrosse match.

Cambridge High School lacrosse players have performed exceptionally well over the years, winning national championships, representing NZ at various levels, with some players being awarded full scholarships to study and play lacrosse at universities overseas.

The event was a celebration of the sport as well as a chance to reunite many of Cambridge High School’s most talented lacrosse players once again at Tom Voyle Park.

The match was a wonderful display of lacrosse between the Alumni team and the 2020 Premier Girls team. The final score of 20 goals to 9 to the Alumni team was a tribute to the skill and collective experience of the older players.

Speaking after the event, Mark Freemon – guest coach for the 2020 Premier Team – commented “For the Alumni, it is obvious that you have got some decent pedigree! I know how hard it is to put a scratch team out there and make it look easy. It shows that you haven’t forgotten how to ride the bike! There was pretty slick play. I always say that old age and a bit of trickery and skulduggery will usually beat the youth. Nothing against the younger players – you can aspire to this!”

Melissa Gratwicke, Event organiser and Alumni player commented “You guys are incredible. I think all of us old girls can say that the level that you guys are at compared to where we were at your age is exponential, there has been exponential growth over the years. I am so excited for this season!”

Back in 2010, Cambridge High School was among the first schools in the Waikato to start playing lacrosse. Since then, the sport has developed rapidly both within the school and in the Waikato region. The 2020 High School Lacrosse League starts next weekend, and Cambridge High School will be entering a total of 7 teams – 5 girls and 2 boys teams.

Dean Forman, CHS Director of Girl’s Lacrosse, intends to hold the Alumni match annually. “It is something that has been on my mind for quite a few years, and it really took Melissa [Gratwicke] to come in and get the ball rolling. Each year it is going to grow…. so potentially we could have our year 9s come in and play each other as part of it. So bring in more of our young ones to see what our Premier team and our Alumni look like…. Today I thought was a huge success for both sides.”

Thanks go to Melissa Gratwicke and Dean Forman for organising the event, Ursula Johnston and Isobel Vrensen for umpiring, Mark Freemon for coaching, and to Guy Ockenden from Cambridge High School for his support.

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