May 7, 2020

Waikato Lacrosse Restructure: FAQs

Will fees increase?

No. We absolutely understand that it’s important to not add extra fees. This proposal is to have a set development fee that will either go to Waikato Lacrosse Association, or to the District Association, depending on who is running the competition. 

Any fees that go to Waikato Lacrosse Association will still be used to develop lacrosse across all districts.

What are the proposed districts?

This proposal is to use the council districts within Waikato. There are 11 districts, with lacrosse currently played in 4 of the districts, Hamilton, Matamata-Piako, Waipa and Waikato. Check out this link for more info on the districts in Waikato –

How will this benefit the people in each district?

This provides a structure for people to have the autonomy to grow lacrosse within their own district, and get more people playing. They can decide on the structure that suits them, including location (to reduce the travel barrier), and day and time the league is played (to fit in with local needs). 

The structure allows districts to become a member of Waikato Lacrosse, so they can run these competitions, as well as apply for local funding and sponsorship that isn’t always available for Waikato Lacrosse.

It also ensures that there is diversity at the board level, so the needs and wants of all communities are considered when setting policy and strategy.

What if I play for a club/school that doesn’t have a district association? Can we still play?

Yes! Associations can have more than one type of member, with different rights. We’d still have clubs and schools as members of Waikato Lacrosse Association, whether they had a district association formed or not. As members they will be able to take part in all leagues.

What if there aren’t enough people in my district to grow the sport?

Waikato Lacrosse Association will still be supporting all communities and providing strategies, guidance and help where needed.

Why now?

It’s important to future-proof our sport. We’ve had leagues running in Waikato since 2011, so this is the 10th year of leagues in Waikato. Our current constitution was set-up as a club constitution, rather than an association constitution. If we can get our structures right now, in the future we will be able to keep growing as a sport.

What leagues would Waikato Lacrosse Association run, and what would District Associations run?

Please note, all competitions will be based on interest. There is no requirement for District Associations to run any leagues.


Waikato Lacrosse Association

District Associations

Club League A, B and C Divisions (if required) C Division Level League
High School League Premier, Junior Premier, A and B Divisions (if required) B Division Level League
Intermediate League A and B Divisions B Division Level League
Primary League NA All levels of Leagues
Social League NA All structures of Social Leagues

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