Apr 22, 2020

Waikato Lacrosse restructure: seeking your input

We’re keen to keep everyone up to date on what the Committee has been up to over the past few months. This is the first of series of updates about what we are working on and our plans for the future. As always, we welcome your input and ideas!

In a recent review of Waikato Lacrosse, it was highlighted that we are currently too big to be small, yet currently too small to be big.

Our current structures worked for us while we were small and have allowed us to get to where we are today ‒ a growing sport that is no longer seen as a minority sport. A huge thank you to the army of volunteers, both behind the scenes and out there “doing it”, who have put in countless hours to get us to this significant point.

To allow us to grow bigger, we need to change how our organisation is structured. Some key areas that need attention are:

  • A structure which encourages more volunteers to take part, feel valued and part of our community.
  • Differentiation between governance and operational structures.
  • Clear representation of members at a governance level. This includes voting rights and how members have representation outside of an AGM or SGM.

The Waikato Lacrosse Executive has some ideas on how to improve these areas, and have presented these initially to the WLA Board for feedback.

We would like the opportunity to present these suggestions to you via Zoom and answer any of your initial questions. Afterwards, we will send the presentation out to the Waikato Lacrosse community and also make it available on our website. We encourage you to look at the presentation and discuss it within your club or with other players. Then there will be a second Zoom meeting to discuss it further and to answer any questions that you have. As part of the feedback, we welcome input from anyone who has potential solutions to the key areas that need addressing.

This is an open invitation to all members of the lacrosse community to the following Zoom meetings about proposed changes to our governance structures and systems:

Meeting 1: Presentation of proposed changes ‒ Wednesday 29th April 6:30pm

Meeting 2: Public feedback/questions ‒ Wednesday 13th May 6:30pm

If for any reason, you can’t make the first presentation, we can look at scheduling a second presentation on request.

To attend a Zoom meeting, you will need to email the Secretary at secretary@waikatolacrosse.co.nz for the link to the meeting.

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